What is Perineal Massage?

Perineal massage for pregnant women

When it comes to perineal massage, one should know that this kind of method is quite effective especially for those who want to avoid of having episiotomy. Episiotomy is not something that every woman wants in birth.  Doing this massage is quite helpful for women who want to get their first baby. It is important to avoid episiotomy in birth and the good news is that doing this technique can be a good solution to deal with episiotomy. Doing perineum stretching is important when it comes to perineum massage. What you should know is that this Perineal massage technique can be used to prepare and stretch the skin of the perineum.

Doing Perineal massage during pregnancy

Perineal massage 300x196 Perineal massage for pregnant women

By doing perineal massage, you will be able to avoid for getting episiotomy during birth. This massage will also help you prepare your tissue. You can also feel the sensation of birth and learn on how to take full control over the muscles.  Learning on how to do perineal massage will also help you to be more relaxed so that it will result in a better condition when preparing for childbirth. There are some tips that you should know when you want to learn about this perineal massage technique.

Here are the instructions that you should know about perineal massage:

  • The first thing you should do when doing perinal massage is to find a spot that is comfortable and no one will interrupt you.
  • The next thing to do is to see your perineum by using a mirror
  • Before doing the massage, you can use compresses to warm your perineum, doing a warm bath can also be a good choice
  • The next thing to do is to wash your hand
  • The next step is to use a lubricant oil to lubricate the perineum and your thumbs. When finding a lubricant, what you should know is that there are some different types of lubricant that you can choose
  • After lubricating your thumbs and perineum, what you should do is to press upward or downward the sides of your vagina. When doing this you may feel a light burning sensation, tingling, and a light perineal stretching

When doing this perineal massage, there are some factors to consider as it is important to pay more attention especially if you have a previous tear or episiotomy.

The importance of doing perineal massage

For those who are interested in doing this perineal massage, they will realize that there are many benefits that they can get.  Knowing the importance of doing perineal massages is important especially if you are a woman who has a previous episiotomy. If you want to do this technique, you can do the technique around the 34th week.  The other thing you should know is that you can do it with the help from your partner. Doing perineal massage is quite helpful especially for those who want to prevent episiotomy during birth.

Many have realized the importance of doing perineal massage. This technique is not only famous due to its effectiveness in helping women during birth. Doing this perineal massage in pregnancy can also be used to deal with women who have a previous episiotomy. So if you get pregnant, remember to do this perineal massage during your pregnancy.